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An open letter to Bizarre Magazine

To whom it may concern,

The events that took place during last years Ultra Vixens finale, and have continued after the competition, can ONLY be described as bullying.

The UV Final

My girlfriend (now fiancée) was in the UV final under the name Mollie Hellcat (a name that now no longer exists) and at the start of the competition was leading for quite a while. Helped by the fact that she (is gorgeous, gracious and one of the best people I’ve ever known) noticed the opening of the competition early, she got a head start with informing people and getting votes.

After a week, looking at the results, she was the clear leader. Then started the campaign of hate. The leaderboard for the UV competition started changing, percentages for ALL vixens seemed to be going up while Mollie’s went down (suggesting that people were voting for all others and not her). I guess with a voting system like they had, Bizarre has no control over this, but that’s another story.

She also had her mobile phone number publicly distributed with the message to send bullying messages. This lead to a lot of stress and worry and the cost of having to change phone numbers and the knock on effect that that has.

Along with anonymous message via FormSpring and random email/facebook/deviantArt/YouTube (and more) account being created JUST to sent hateful messages…

It turned out that she wasn’t the only one getting abuse simply for doing well in a modelling competition.

The UV competition finished, the winner was decided. (again, I have my own opinions on that outcome. Not the model, but the system.)


Ok, so the faceless haters got what they were after. Mollie didn’t win. The end, right? No.

The abuse keeps coming.

There has always been suspicions on who was behind these attacks, but until I had some sort of proof, I didn’t want to say anything.

Now however, I have something to blog about.

One of the other models (not in the competition, but still getting abuse) is Alexiel Sama. The proof of bullying is directly linked to her.

Given a link to a YouTube video and a Twitter profile, a bully is uncovered:

(See below for a screenshot of the video with description and twitter feed with tweet verifying that it was him who made it.)

(Click the Twitter feed to get a larger screenshot of his feed, including his responses to being called a bully)

What gets me the most is that he seems to be fine with what he has done, claiming he is not a bully by making this video, and yet in the YouTube tags he lists “bullied” as well as the models name and the things he is bullying her about (in this case, his dislike of her weight)

I’ve mentioned Bizarre Magazine in this because several complaints of bullying have been made to them, with little done (or even acknowledged) about it.

I want them to read this and realise the hypocrisy in their massive support of Sophie Lancaster Foundation and yet doing nothing about the blatant bullying going on under their own roof!

The girlfriend of this guy is an Ultra Vixen under the name of: PunkyWafer

I have no proof of bullying from her, but again I have my suspicions.

Please note, I am only accusing this guy of doing what I can see here. I am not saying that he played any part in what happened during the UV competition. (I’m not ruling him out though either)

Please share this blog. I’m not looking to make trouble, but I am looking to opening the eyes of people that would rather let bullying go “unnoticed”.


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