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Life as I see it with Playstation Move

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Playstation Move, but what impact will it actually having on my gaming life?

First and foremost, finances. As I already own a Playstation Eye (camera) the bundle pack is out. So that leave buying individual controllers and games. I have be assured that the starter pack disc content will be available on the PSN for day 1, which is nice of them. The downside is that, from the demos I’ve seen, there are 3 setups with regard to the controllers needed to play the game:

  1. Move Controller
  2. Move Controller + Navigation Controller (NavCon)
  3. Move Controller + Move Controller

This means that to ensure you can play whatever is made available to you, you will need 2 Move Controllers and a NavCon. This amounts to 2x £34.99 and 1x £24.99 totalling to £94.97.

Playstation Move controller prices (pre-order from

(Prices and image from

Sadly, this is an amount that I do not currently have (roll on 2011 and less outgoings to vets!)

Although, reports/reviews have stated that the Playstation Sixaxis/Dual-shock controllers will work in place of the NavCon, which could save £25 for a while.

Money aside, Playstation Move looks incredible and definitely an addition to my PS3 that I will be making.

When the Nintendo Wii came out, it introduced motion control gaming to a wide audience. It is a great platform, but I got bored of it quickly. It’s lack of accuracy and “serious” games meant that, for me, it became a 2-game console (Wii Sports [Tennis] and Mario Kart) that rarely gets turned on any more.

Playstation 3 has HD gaming. Combine that with the 1:1 tracking accuracy of the Playstation Move and you have got a hell of a good gaming package.

One thing I am really looking forward to is the rebirth of light-gun games. I loved Duck Hunt on the NES, and with the release of games like Killzone 3 and Time Crisis: Razing Storm I can see good times ahead.


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